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Committed to styling communities across the world with a brand dedicated to bringing positive change to local and global communities.


Dive into Amori Life! Enter as you are and leave with a life of love! Love conquers all. With Amori (love), we want everyone to be JAYDE to Amori Life. Click below to order JAYDE Founder, Author, Antoine King's book,"How to Amore Life". Amori Life t-shirts are also available in the JAYDE store. 


Founder of JAYDE Enterprises, Antoine King would love to speak to your group, large or small, to motivate them to live a life they can love and inspire them to bring about positive change in their community. 

Founder, JAYDE Enterprises

Antoine King


The JAYDE Center is one of our company's biggest projects! We aspire to build a 24- hour center that will serve as a safe haven to our community. Our target goals are providing after school educational assistance, providing productive leadership to keep our youth and young adults away from drugs and alcohol, and cutting down obesity in the community with exercise and sporting outlets such as basketball and weightlifting. It all starts in the mind.  WE want to create a positive mindset that will, in return, create positive change. All donations for "Project JAYDE Center", small or large, are greatly appreciated. 

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